Feds Initiate "Operation Cure.All"
Government Wages New Battle in War Against Internet Health Fraud

FTC, FDA and other law enforcement agencies move to stop Internet scams for supplements and other products that purport to cure cancer, HIV/AIDS and countless other life-threatening diseases. FTC also warns of risks associated with some supplements, including drug interactions.

As part of an ongoing and comprehensive law enforcement and consumer education campaign begun in 1997, the Federal Trade Commission today announced a new round of enforcement actions against the fraudulent marketing of supplements and other health products on the Internet.

For the complete text of this FTC press release, go to http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2001/06/cureall.htm


Two of the companies just hit by the FTC are Oasis and Formor. Both were accused of, and have agreed to discontinue, making unsubstantiated and/or misleading health benefits claims about one or more of their products. This is only the beginning, folks. Keep in mind that Oasis and Formor are, by far, not the most guilty of such questionable claims. In my opinion, companies such as 4Life (Transfer Factor), Legacy (Biochoice) and Morinda (Noni) are far more vulnerable to regulatory attack due to their rep's over-the-top claims (for example, Transfer Factor is suppose to "Stop Sickness and Disease Forever!").

Also, keep in mind that although most of these companies claim to have amble scientific substantiation of their claims, no MLM company in history has ever been able to substantiate, to the satisfaction of the FTC or FDA, a medical benefit claim, no matter how many studies or testimonials they claim to possess. Even if one of these companies were to be the very first, then the FDA will come in and say, What you've just substantiated is that you are selling an unapproved new drug, thus requiring years of additional study to get approval to make such claims.

Please check out the article titled "MLM Product Claims" at http://www.marketwaveinc.com.

For a complete understanding of the marketing restrictions placed on marketers of health & nutritional products, read the document "Dietary Supplements: An Advertising Guide For Industry" (also in the Research section of the MarketWave web site).

Len Clements
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