"Inside Network Marketing" Podcast #9
Buzzirk Mobile & Global Verge
Light Up Those Flame Throwers!

"Inside Network Marketing" podcast #9 is now posted (although, forgetting that my interview with Ted Lindauer was a two-parter, I mistakenly introduce it as show number "eight").

In this podcast I'm focusing a good portion of the 1:29 to a detailed exposé of Global Verge (aka Buzzirk Mobile). I've probably gotten more requests for opinion and commentary on this program over the past few weeks than any other I've covered in almost 20 years. What I've found so far may raise more questions than I answer, but hopefully this will encourage others to ask the same questions (rather than diving into the pool with their eyes closed trusting it's full of warm water, as so many seem to be doing).

To hear the podcast, visit: http://www.marketwaveinc.com/radioshow.asp

Other topics covered on this podcast include:

1. Freelunch International (and its parody pre-launch)...

2. M.L.M. Mockumentaries (there's a new one)...

3. The recent FTC hearing regarding the new Biz Opp Rule change...

4. More YTB Travel spin (from the field)...

5. Chews4Health (a rep web site begging for a chewing out by both the FDA and SEC)...

Here are some links referenced in the podcast:

Securities Fraud Arrest:

GlobalVerge Formation:

The one actually funny M.L.M. mockumentary:

FTC Biz Opp Rule Workshop (see Transcript link):

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