Inside Network Marketing
Podcast #2 Now Posted
Substantial New Tax Deduction for all Networkers Revealed

The second edition of Inside Network Marketing is now online in the INM Podcast Library. To listen, go here: http://www.marketwaveinc.com/RadioShow.asp

Here's a recap of the show topics with source links:

1.  Tax preparer for Shaklee reps accused of $21 million in fraudulent deductions.
2.  The greatest tax benefit to having a home business - that the industry is oblivious to.
3.  Updates on NM1 Bigotry and Ignorance:
     Add WordPress and Craigslist to the ignorant NM bigot list,
     along with article authors Phil Mulkins and Karen Cyson.
4.  NM attorney Ted Lindauer, past in-house counsel for YTB Travel,
     will be in "The Kitchen"2 on the next show.
5.  Multivitamins fail another major study?
6.  Fugitive anti-NM zealot Greg Caton.
7.  "They" have finally had enough of Kevin Trudeau.
8.  The curious case of the $7 million wrongful termination judgment against Usana.

Exposés in progress (keep checking future shows):

The "Zrii Coop" and "Barry Minkow: Below the Iceberg".

Len Clements
Founder & CEO
MarketWave, Inc.

1. I have to use the acronym for network and marketing rather than the standard M and L and M because most spam filter programers are ignorant NM bigots as well.
2. The segment of the show that if you can't stand the heat from, you should stay out of it.


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